Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The magnet sign that goes on the cars in the CO2 E - Drive
Press Conference: 8:00am at Solar One (East 23rd and the East River)
CO2 E Drive: 9am - 10:45am
Green Vehicle Fashion Show in Times Square: 11am - 12pm
Green Vehicle public exhibition: 12pm -5pm
The CO2 E Drive will begin from the Solar One building on 23rd Street and the East River at approximately 9:00am following an 8:00 am press conference with guest speaker
Chris Paine, Director of Revenge of The Electric Car that has its world premiere at the Tribeca Films Festival 6:30pm at the SVI Theater on West 23rd Street.

From Solar One, the vehicles will embark on the CO2 E Drive route through midtown Manhattan.
Environmentally friendly vehicles (electric, hybrid and bio-fuel) will paint a huge, virtual “E” on the streets of New York using GPS technology. Progress of the vehicles in form of GPS symbols will be shown on screens in Times Square (the painting).
Following the drive, a select number of vehicles will arrive at Times Square (46th and Broadway) for a green vehicle runway presentation in collaboration with Mr. Green from 11am -12pm.  The cars will remain in Times Square on display for the remainder of the afternoon.

Cars participating include: Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius, eStar van, duraStar truck, Tesla Roadster and a Novozymes branded Biofuel car.  Li-Ion Motors will also participate with two all electric sport cars, several privately owned cars, including an all-electric DeLorean and a Bio fueled pick-up truck.

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