Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Earth Day New York 2012 was held on Friday the 20th of April. It all started early in the morning close to the East Side River on East 23rd Street, with sunshine and a mini car exhibition in front of the Solar One Building. In 2011, the CO2 E Drive was held on "Good Friday" that was also "Passover". This meant that we had more "Non-commercial" participants on the day, as they had a mini holiday. Personally, I missed Doctor Delman and his Electric DeLorean!

However, there was some new players on the Electric/Hybrid Car scene since 2011. What also coincided with Earth Day in 2011, was the premiere of Chris Paine's "Revenge of the Electric Car" during Tribeca Film Festival. Bob Lutz, who was one of the main characters in the film was the dynamic, hard boiled, old school, former fighter pilot and the man behind such Gas Guzzling Classics as The Hummer. This year, Bob Lutz was the spokesperson for VIA Motors who produces the above Plug-In Hybrid Macho Chevy Silverado Pick-Up Truck.

Another main character in "Revenge of the Electric Car" was Carlos Ghosn, who was in a head to head race against Bob Lutz to come out with the best mainstream "Green" vehicle first. The LEAF won the prize for the Best Car of 2011 and Bob Lutz's VOLT won it in 2012. Sam Smith from Esquire Magazine wrote about the LEAF: "So we don't have jet packs or glass elevators to the moon. But make no mistake: We live in the future. The Nissan Leaf is a real live electric car".

Bridgestone has made a new and improved set of tires called "ECOPIA", that is made to create lower rolling resistance and give a smoother and more a fuel saving ride. The combination of Electric cars, that to begin with is almost silent and the ECOPIA's sounds like a good match. The above VW Golf is also the official Earth Day Network car, as you can see on their logo on the hood.

Toyoata, that is a longtime collaborator of Earth Day New York brought their new Hybrid Armada, headed up by an updated Plug-In Hybrid Prius and all its cousins.

And a the Dark Grey version of the Prius.

The SUV version

And the Sedan version.

For the first time in New York, there was also an Electric MC called ZERO S, driven by New Jersey high-school teacher Ben Rich, that was able to get off work.

The Revolution Rickshaw was also a first timer and a great alternative to going around the city in a regular cab, if you have time and want to be closer to the street.

Chris Collins, who is the Executive Director of Solar One held a lovely speech. Chris also won Earth Day New York's Annual Prize for people who makes a difference in the Environmental scene of New York in 2012.

Pamela Lippe, who is the Executive Director of Earth Day New York also held a speech and thanked the involved partners and collaborators.

Yours truly held the final speech, telling about the fact that RIGHT NOW in the city of Horsens in Denmark, a caravan of Pink Bikes and around 20 Electric Cars are driving around the city in the shape of "CO2" and "this is part of a global attempt to heal Mother Earth or Gaia, with the help of art and the intent of Climate Awareness". There was also a list of "Thank You", including a "And finally Thanks to my Samoan Attorney in Yokohama and my Brother from another Mother in Dakar!".

After the Speeches and the explanation of how to download the GPS APP used to "paint" the E in the streets, the drivers took off in their cars ("the brushes") into the streets of New York that was the "canvas".

I sat in the Nissan LEAF together with a Car Journalist from Green Car Report's John Voelcker and the Nissan New York communications manager Steve Oldham, chit chatting about Art, Sustainable Transportation, September 11th, ROTEC, Nicolai Tesla and other relevant matters of conversation on a day like this. John Voelcker who is also a Burner later wrote: "...if you look at the pattern, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center can be clearly seen if you turn the capital "E" on its side--his acknowledgment of the power of global oil politics to shape our lives in unpredictable ways".