Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pimped Out Biomega Bicycle by David Byrne

In connection to the projects collaboration with Exit Art and Earth Day in April 2011, two Danish Biomega bikes were donated to the project. One was given to Matthew Modine and the other was handed over to David Byrne to be pimped out with 12,000 Swarovski crystals and later raffled off by Exit Art to benefit their exellent non-profit Arts organization. Our good friends from Gold Mine Shit House came to the Exit Art Benefit Event and did silkscreens on clothes and such that people brought along, along with live music and a lovely party.

The bike was won by Sinclaire Marber and if all goes well, can be seen in the future at one of the Art exhibitions in connection to the project as a sculpture.

If you have not read David Byrne's "Bicycle Diaries" yet, you should!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Wonderful video from Earth Day New York's "I Am E" Campaign


The Mr. Green Crew was all over Times Square lead by Miss Green A.K.A Anne Gade Bjerrum, seen in the middle doing the double "E" hand sign. She is the younger sister of Mr. Green A.K.A Christian Gade Bjerrum that is currently teaching yoga in Mexico City, while preparing the city for CO2 E - Race in 2012.

There was posters all over Grand Central Station with the Earth Day announcement of CO2 E Drive and the Times Square fashion show of "Green Cars". The event included several aspects of Earth Day's awareness campaigns, such as "Reduce Carbon",  "Be Energy Aware" and "Travel Green".

In the above image you can see most of the GPS dots that represent the different cars are all in Time Square. The ones that did not go up to Time Square either went to Grand Central Station, back to the Solar One Building or to the premiere of "Revenge of the Electric Car" further down on 23rd Street. The interface and GPS devices was sponsored by US Fleet Tracking and the Re-play of the painting can be seen HERE

The Mr. Green Crew doing the "E" with the President of Toshiba, Mr. Fujii on Times Square, who was there to support Red Cross with their efforts in Japan.

President for Earth Day New York, Pamela Lippe talking to the audience at Times Square with two Mr. Green's on stage next to her, in good Old School Public Enemy styles. It is also lovely to see that a Turkish man reaches out his hand saying "Be our Guests", welcoming America to Turkey.

The Green Car Fashion Show on the dedicated and rather colorful plaza on the Times Square that is looking more like a Amusement Park than what some might remember no longer than 15 years back, or from classic films like Taxi Driver. In the above, the Novozymes Bio Fueled Ford Focus takes its place on the catwalk, while the MC gives a small talk about the details of the car and what it does to make Earth a better place.

The Electric DeLorean by Dave Delman with red reflexion in the stainless steele from the lights of Times Square.

The GM VOLT, about to cross the Yellow line.

The New York City Department of Transportation Plug-in Toyota Prius.

The NYC hybrid Trash Truck.

The All Electric Truck from Navistar

The NYC hybrid Truck

The New York Police Department Plug-in Toyota Prius

The NYC Hybrid Sweeper

The Nissan LEAF

The Li-ion Motors cars - the Red called Enizio and the Green called Wave

Lovely shapes and colors!

The Enizio parked with doors slid open and Mr.Green Crew guarding it.

The Wave won the The Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE

The parked Novozymes Ford Focus

Once the Fashion show was over and the fences opened, the crowds flooded the parked cars and their representatives with questions about the vehicles.

Best Friends For Life - The Mr. Green Crew's "Green Nose" branding performance

"You've Made it Here" from Memphis and now you are wearing a green nose!

The Danish Wooden Kid's Bike from MILIOS

Mr. Green Flash mob performance with a Biomega Bike on Times Square

President of Earth Day New York, Pamela Lippe with her brand new Danish bike from ECO2 Bike

Miss Green on the "Copenhagen" Biomega Bike, that was donated to Matthew Modine, who just signed up for the next Batman film.

Times Square now also has an official "Naked Cowgirl" that is putting up a good battle against the "Naked Cowboy", who sued the first Naked Cowgirl because she was not up to par.

It was an amazing day and we were lucky with the weather, with sunshine in the morning. The very next day, the city was polished by a waterfall that gives the city a special vibe with the lights reflecting in the streets. Thanks again Earth Day New York for your huge effort in help making a dream come through and help spread the projects message of Climate Awareness.

Monday, May 9, 2011


It should be no secret that Yrs Truly have become a sucker for the Electric DeLorean. Not only does it give instant flashbacks of Michael J Fox in "Back to the Future" on a skateboard without wheels, but of the Time Machine housed by a E Fluxed DeLorean that took the young hero back in time.

It all comes together in a wonderful way since the first car on the streets of New York City was Electric, where the Croatian inventor and magician Nikola Tesla roamed 34th Street on his way home to the New Yorker Hotel, with the Classic New York Diner on the corner of 34th and 9th Avenue called TIC TOC.

The above Sky Blue Tesla was seen on 5th Avenue and 23rd Street, right in front of the Flatiron Building. If you closely, the passenger is doing a "raise the roof" with a rolled up Danish flag, while the driver is giving Earth Day's "E" hand sign, in a "Be The E" shout-out to her new Danish Homie.

Volvo is working on a Electric Car, but what you see above is the Ocean Blue Nissan LEAF, in traffic among Yellow Cabs going down 5th Avenue "painting" the middle line in the "E".

 The New York City Parks Truck with a Diesel Electric Hybrid motor going up Madison Avenue. Yes, the same Madison Avenue as the MAD MAD MEN of MAD MEN.

And of course the Electric DeLorean taking the first turn in the E tag (the lower line).

The above is the sculpture of a head called "ECHO" that is placed in the middle of Madison Park, where both 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue brush gently up against her.

The Apple Green Tesla making the turn from 5th Avenue to 23rd Street.

The Vogel Bilt Ethanol fueled pick up truck, that was fed Ethanol since the day it was taken in use, with no harm. The car was driven by President of the Long Island Electric Auto Association Carl Vogel, who is also Board of Director at the Electric Auto Association, the author of "Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle" and "Build Your Own Electric Plug-in Hybrid Boat".

Many cab drivers complain about the new bicycle lanes in New York City. The probably don't know that they are called "Copenhagen Lanes" and are designed by the Danish architect and urban design consultant based in Copenhagen Jan Gehl, whose career has focused on improving the quality of urban life by re-orienting city design towards the pedestrian and cyclist. I would never have thought that New York would ever become a bicycle city, but now it is.

Copenhagen Lanes or not, this lovely lady probably never cared about lanes anyway. 
And the DeLorean.

In the above satellite image over the area of New York where the "E" was done, you can see some of the cars finishing the "E" painting and a Purple dot, showing that the Novozymes Bio Fueled Ford Focus is on it's way to Times Square for the Show Part of the Day.

The Novozymes vehicle enters Times Square.

 The Electric DeLorean enters Times Square, filmed by the film crew producing the film about the project. On your far right is Director and Producer Urs Jakob, co-owner of Gershwin Hotel on 27th between 5th and Madison Avenue. In the middle, the camera man and artist in his own right, Shaky Jones and the large man with the cap and boom doing sound is Peter Tooke. The crowds had not yet gathered on the Good Friday of 22nd of April 2011, but soon would.

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Chris Paine - Director of "Revenge of the Electric Car" did the opening speech for the CO2 E - Drive along with Director for Earth Day New York Pamela Lippe (to the right) at the Solar One Building

 Pamlela Lippe - Director of Earth Day - interviewed for FOX TV's Morning show

The CO2 E- Drive magnet signs gets attached to the vehicles, the one above is the red VOLT

 The wonderful Electric DeLorean converted by Dave Delman

 The Nissan LEAF - that one could also see massive amounts of AD's for all over the city


The super sexy Inizio from Li-ion Motors

 The Lime Green Wave from Li-ion Motors

 The Mini - E from Beautiful Earth


 The Electric LOMAX from Methacton High School in Norristown, Pensylvania                      

 The Bio Fueled Novozymes Ford Focus


The Bio Fueled Ford Pick-up Truck from Vogelbilt Corp

 The Cherry Red GM VOLT

And of course the TESLA! This one the discrete and stylish Dark Green version

Here, the Sky Blue version with Danish drivers!


And the Silver Surfer, The Green Apple and the Sky Blue all the way to the right

 The artist behind the CO2 E - Drive, Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen rode the lovely Danish BioMega Bike

The participating vehicles getting ready to take off after they were installed with GPS units from US Fleet Tracking, that showed each vehicle on the Toshiba Jumbo screen on Time Square

Are you ready to be E Fluxed?