Thursday, June 14, 2012


Bob Lutz (the man behind the VOLT) giving a speech on Times Square about his perspective on why he think it is important to drive electric cars and pushing for his new project the VIA Plug in Hybrid Pick-up truck

See above video from CNN and hear more from Bob Lutz, saying that "essentially car companies are completely nutural to Oil and if cars could, he would be happy to run them on toothpaste"

The "E" tag Performance that was done in the streets of New York City, screened on the Toshiba jumbo screen on Times Square. Once the route was completed, the cars ended up on Times Square for a "Green Car Fashion Show" in collaboration with Mr. Green

First to enter the Blue Catwalk was the Nissan LEAF, tighly escorted by Mr. Green

The whole performance was also screened on the huge NASDAQ screen. The screen measures 12,000 square feet and uses more than 18 million LEDs on a display with a top resolution of 1280x1824. Read more about the screen in this WIRED article.

Dorothy walked down the Yellow Brick Road, while Mr. Green walked down the Blue.

New Jersey high-school teacher Ben Rich on his 2012 Zero S electric motorcycle

The White Toyota Prius with the classic Coke sign in the background

The Electric Hybrid New York City Parks Department Street Sweeper and Trash Truck in the background

The White Chevy VOLT - Hood Up!

The NYPD Chevy VOLT - Sirens On!

The ECOPIA car with Bridgestone's low resistance "Green" tires

The New York Mr. Green Team camping it out on the back of the VIA Motors Pick-up Truck.

Jumping Jack Lutz!

The Mr. Green Team pointing forward towards a sustainable Future and Next Years CO2 E Drive in New York City, this time on Union Square!

Earth Day New York's CO2 E Drive 2012 was yet another wonderful event. CO2 Green Drive thanks Pamela Lippe and her Earth Day New York Team for once again making it all happen!

Later in the evening after the long day of Earth, Yrs Truly took a walk in the city, where I found Empire State Building lit up in Green.What else can One ask for?